PhD Job Market Candidate

My research interests are in Household Finance and International Macroeconomics. My job market paper investigates how consumption smoothing by households varies over the business cycle.

Director, Career Centre

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Cell: (604) 315-4129
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Graduate Program Manager

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I teach and do research in the the fields of Environmental Economics and International Trade. Most of my work has been on the interaction between globalization, the environment, and the sustainability of renewable resources. I obtained my Ph.D. from Stanford University.

My research fields are Development, Political Economy and Behavioral Economics.

Assistant Professor

My research is in urban economics and transportation. Current projects investigate the consequences of gentrification, the potential for e-commerce to reduce spatial inequality, the efficiency of urban transportation systems, and preferences for social interactions. I received my PhD from the University of Toronto in 2013, and worked as an assistant professor of real estate at UC Berkeley before joining UBC in 2020.