Take your first step towards a career in economics; apply for admission to one of our undergraduate programs.  The Vancouver School of Economics offer two different majors, with different focuses.

  • The Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) program at UBC is a first-year direct-entry to a distinct degree program, with a limited number of seats per cohort, where you will gain a deep understanding of the global economy & acquire vital technical training & practical skills to enter careers in business, government & academia
  • The major in economics is a program in the Bachelor of Arts (BA).  Starting from year 3, this flexible program allows you to take a wide range of empirical & theoretical courses.  Options include several combined majors across the university and our highly selective Honours program.
  • We also offer a minor in economics which can be added to any UBC degree program by taking a focused concentration in economics courses over your degree.

Admission to the BIE, BA majors, combined majors or honours program in economics is by application only.


Admission to the BIE

Learn more about the process of applying to the Bachelor of Arts in International Economics either as a first or second year student
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Admission to the BA

Learn about about the admissions process for UBC students interested in majoring in economics or any of our combined or honours programs. Admissions starts typically after second year.
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Minor in Economics

Learn about how to complement your UBC degree with a minor in Economics.
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