My main area of research and teaching include microeconomic theory, theory of contracts and organizations, and games and decisions. I obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, IL, USA.

PhD Job Market Candidate

I am a job market candidate at the Vancouver School of Economics, the University of British Columbia.
My research interests are in Industrial Organization and Econometrics.


I am an active researcher working on capital gains taxes, asset pricing, behavioural finance and economics, IPO and SEO underpricing.

I did my PhD in Finance at Simon Fraser University.

Professor, Strategy and Business Economics Division, Sauder School of Business

International trade; Multinational enterprises; Economic geography; Industrial organization.

Professor Emeritus

My research uses measures of subjective well-being from around the world to help understand what makes lives better, with special attention to social factors.

Associate Professor

My work focuses on topics in international finance and macroeconomics, as well as development economics, with a particular focus on India. I obtained my Ph.D. from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA.