Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to the Honours/Majors/Combined Majors program in Economics is not automatic. To be admitted students must submit a formal application online. Because there are a limited number of places some students who satisfy the minimum prerequisites may not be admitted.

No. IB Econ 1st 6.0 credits is not equivalent to UBCV Econ 101 and Econ 102 and cannot be used to satisfy prerequisites for economic courses.

Yes, the Vancouver School of Economics will use IB, AP and A-Levels transfer-credit courses granted by UBCV admissions in the GPA computation for the Economic Combined Majors/Majors/Honours Application.

The application will be available on the Vancouver School of Economics website March 15 and the deadline is May 20.

An online application for admission to the Honours/Majors/Combined Majors program should be submitted by May 20, prior to registering for the final 60 credits, to ensure that the student will be considered for admission. The online Application form is available on the Vancouver School of Economics home page at website: .

There is no fee to apply to any of the Economics Undergraduate Programs.

Official transcripts of the student’s record from all post-secondary educational institutions attended, other than UBC, must be submitted to be considered for admission.

No, resumes and reference letters are not required.

The honours, majors and combined majors code can only be entered by the Vancouver School of Economics if you are accepted into the programs. The minor code can be entered by you (Faculty of Arts Students only) on the Student Services Centre as long as you have a major. The Minor code for Economics is: 3006.

You can come to the Vancouver School of Economics Office located in the Iona Building (6000 Iona Drive), call Undergraduate Student Support at (604) 822-9699 or send an email to: and the specialization code will be re-entered.

Registration in the Honours Progam in Economics is restricted and subject to quota. All students who apply are ranked by GPA (and admission requirements (prerequisites)) and students are admitted by the highest GPA until the quota is filled. The GPA for the last student admitted varies widely from year to year. The only thing we can predict with a high degree of accuracy is if your GPA average is A+ or above you are guaranteed admission. If your GPA average is in the range of B+ to A range we cannot predict whether or not you will be admitted until all applications are submitted and reviewed.

Yes, students wishing to pursure another honours subject besides Economics should consult the Honours Advisor.

It is essential for students to plan their program of studies over their final two years to ensure that they complete (i) all requirements for the Honours program; and (ii) all Faculty of Arts/Faculty of Science requirements for graduation. Economics Honour students are required to obtain Vancouver School of Economics approval of the Economics Honour section of their program. The Vancouver School of Economics will verify whether the student’s proposed program satisfies all Economics Honour requirements. The student must independently seek verification from the Faculty of Arts Advising Services Office/Faculty of Science Advising Office as to whether their program satisfies Faculty requirements for graduation.

4th Year students registered in their last degree required courses must apply for graduation through the Student Service Centre. Students who are not registered in the Winter Session must contact Enrolment Services for assistance with their graduation applications.

More graduation information can be found on-line at

Please call the Vancouver School of Economics (604) 822-9699 to book an advising appointment to see if the economic program requirements for graduation have been satisfied.

The Faculty of Arts has a ruling that to graduate with a Major, a student must include in the 120 credits required for the degree at least 42 credits but no more than 60 credits in one subject (discipline) or field of specialization. You may take more than 60 Economic credits but they won’t be used in the 120 total credits required to graduate.