Many opportunities exist on campus to join social student clubs that are administrated by the Alma Mater Society (AMS). Some of their clubs that offer activities related to economics include:

Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society (VSEUS)

VSEUS represents all undergraduate students studying economics at UBCs Vancouver campus, including those who are enrolled in the Major, Combined Major, Minor, Honours and the Bachelor of International Economics programs of the Vancouver School of Economics. It prioritizes member care and development by assisting in the academic, extracurricular, and personal growth of each member. To achieve these goals the Society organizes many events each year, such as Dinner with Professors, Talkonomics, Bar Social, Grad School Information Session, Career Night, Year-end Dinner, and 101/102 review sessions. Website

International Economics Business Association (IEBA)

IEBA began as a group of friends who were trying to find career options with an economics degree. After much research, we were excited to discover that our understanding of economics could lead us to careers in many different fields of business such as finance, consulting, and law, and we soon realized that many of our classmates were interested in this as well. As a result, IEBA was created to be a place for students of any year to learn from each other, interact with industry professionals, and have opportunities to apply the skills they’ve learned in class on real business problems. Website

International & Developmental Economics Association (IDEA)

IDEA is a newly-formed association of students at UBC intent on applying our learning in tangible, impactful ways. It is our goal to promote and initiate conversation between disciplines, to empower students in the international discourse of development, and to support and implement thoughtful development projects on a community and global scale. We accomplish this through a variety of community and school projects. Email

Information About AMS Student Clubs

For more information on AMS student clubs, please visit the AMS website. Please note that AMS and UBC are legally distinct entities. Information about AMS clubs is provided here for information purposes only; all matters related to the administration and activities of AMS clubs should be directed to their respective executive members.