CIDER announces small grant recipients for 2022

The Centre for Innovative Data in Economics Research is pleased to announce the recipients of the eighth round of their small grants competition.

See below for a full list of the funded projects.

Project # Primary Applicant Name Other applicant name Project Title Unit Amount (in CAD)
169 Gorkem Bostanci Harun Alp, Sergio Villalvazo (FRB Board of Governors) Causes and Macroeconomic Implications of the Growth of Labor Outsourcing  VSE                 12,000.00
170 Thomas Lemieux Torsten Jaccard Barcode-Level Country-of-Origin Data  VSE                 25,000.00
171 Mauricio Drelichman Gustavo Tovar Albuquerque (PhD) Civil-Police relations in an
authoritarian context: An exploration of the
Guatemalan National Historic Police Archive
 VSE                 12,000.00
172 Giovanni Gallipoli, Victor Couture Giulia Lo Forte (PhD), Pablo Valenzuela (PhD) Human Capital Spillovers Across Cities  VSE                 25,000.00
173 Patrick Baylis Teevrat Garg (UCSD) Public Demand for Air Quality  VSE                 23,500.00
175 Felipe Valencia Caicedo Francisco Eslava (PhD) The Spanish Legacy in the US Southwest  VSE                 10,000.00
176 Raffaele Saggio Pascuel Plotkin (PhD) Gig Economy in the presence of informality: Evidence from
the online-delivery industry in Brazil
 VSE                   5,800.00
177 Felipe Valencia Caicendo Fernando Secco (PhD) and Humberto Laudares (Geneva) Donatary Captaincies and Land Inequality in Brazil  VSE                 10,420.00
180 Jamie McCasland Ieda Rodrigues Matavelli (PhD) We Don’t Talk About Boys: An Experiment on Masculinity Norms in Brazil  VSE                 21,100.00
181 Réka Juhász Nathan Lane (Oxford), Max Marczinek (Oxford) How Did East Asia Ascend? The Impact of Industrial Policy on Export-Led Industrialization in Post-war East Asia  VSE                 23,000.00
183 Matt Lowe Deivis Angeli (PhD) Do Virtue Signals Signal Virtue? Evidence from Individuals and Corporations  VSE                 15,000.00
184 Matt Lowe Patrick Francois, Yupei Ma (PhD), Ieda Matavelli (PhD) Psychedelics at Work  VSE                 21,000.00
185 Matt Lowe Suanna Oh (Paris School of Economics) Learning from Norm Violations: Evidence from Untouchability  VSE                 15,754.00
186 Terry (Seok Min) Moon Jungmin Lee (Seoul National University) and Sumi Na (Ministry of SMEs and Startups) Tax Incentives, Startup Growth, and Labor Reallocation  VSE                 14,000.00
187 Katherine Wagner Jonathan Colmer (UVA); John Voorheis (U.S. Census Bureau); James Sallee (UCB) Achieving Equity in Climate Adaptation: Fiscal Policy in Natural Disaster Insurance Markets  VSE                 22,000.00
188 Heather Sarsons Ellora Derenoncourt and Michael Galperin Firm Responses to Union Drives  VSE                 16,560.00
190 Jan Bena Valentina Rutigliano The Entrepreneurship gap: career antecedents  Sauder                   9,620.00
191 Jamie McCasland Gabriel Brown (PhD) The Persistent Effects of
Bible Translations in Africa
 VSE                   7,000.00
192 Claudio Ferraz Aditi Singh (PhD) Persistence of colonial mine law on gender discrimination  VSE                   5,000.00
193 Matt Lowe Deivis Angeli (PhD) Female Leadership Autonomy in India  VSE                 10,100.00
194 Jamie McCasland Municipality Formation in Response to Diversification in Post-War United States  VSE                   6,000.00
195 Munir Squires Sam Hwang Family Networks and Frictions to Internal Migration  VSE                 20,479.00
197 Amartya Lahiri Ali Karimirad Production Network: systemic risk and asset pricing  VSE                 19,500.00