BIE alumnus launches plant-based meal delivery service in Vancouver

The delivery start-up specializes in plant-based meals and treats, including this spinach and organic vegan feta pie. Photo: BeeMyGuest

Bachelor of International Economics alumnus Vasu Agarwal has combined her passions for food and entrepreneurship to launch a new start-up company in Vancouver.

Called Bee My Guest, the start-up is a delivery service for plant-based meals and treats, prepared by local chefs in the city.

Vasu Agarwal

“We are boosting the sharing economy and empowering local chefs who suffer from fragmented marketing and low customer reach,” said Agarwal, who co-founded the start-up alongside Sahil Kanani, a fellow UBC alumnus. “We help by putting their meals all on one platform, eliminating the high order minimums that they often need, and handling the logistics.”

The venture is supported by e@ubc, an incubator program that provides resources and supports to entrepreneurs in the university community.

“We owe so much momentum and our success so far to e@UBC and the mentorship offered to us,” said Agarwal. “Without their help to bring this idea of life, we wouldn’t have done so much so quickly.”

The start-up launched a few weeks ago and operates on weekends. Customers can order plant-based foods from a variety of different cultures and cuisines, and choose from different menu items like spinach and feta pies or silky tofu Thai pudding.

“The project is very detail oriented and well put together,” said Paula Dan, a vegan pastry chef who cooks for the service. “I was delighted to join this initiative and honored to be one of the first invited onboard.”

Agarwal said the start-up is still in the prototype phase, but hopes one day to expand the venture to include in-person meals cooked by locals in their own homes.

“We’re trying to use our platform as a means to build a plant-forward future,” she said.