Other Research Projects

Other Projects


Database of Political Institutions Technical Proposal

Cesi Cruz

Assistant Professor, Vancouver School of Economics

The Database of Political Institutions is a key tool for research into the political economy of development, covering more than 100 political and institutional characteristics of more than 100 countries, with yearly data since 1975. This project is to expand the coverage of the Database of Political Institutions.


Selection and Impact of Modern Industrial Employment: Experimental Evidence from a Garment Factory in Tanzania

Munir Squires

Assistant Professor, Vancouver School of Economics

Foreign firms and foreign direct investments are crucial to the development of low-income countries: they stimulate structural transformation from agricultural to industrial production, foster technological transfers, and disseminate advanced managerial practices. This study will inform firms’ design of a combination of screening criteria, incentives, training, and social complementarity that can increase the quality of matches between modern manufacturing sector firms and workers in low income countries.


Open-source software and online textbooks in quantitative and computational economics

Jesse Perla

Assistant Professor, Vancouver School of Economics

This project is to create an open-source, interactive web and cloud-based textbook is believed to be the first of its kind for economics and data science. The textbook is a series of lectures that combine computer programming with data science and scientific computing and applies these topics across a variety of economic applications.


Annual World Happiness Report

John Helliwell

Professor Emeritus, Vancouver School of Economics

World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be. The World Happiness Report 2020 for the first time ranks cities around the world by their subjective well-being and digs more deeply into how the social, urban and natural environments combine to affect our happiness.