Student Advising

Advising for Bachelor of Arts Economics Courses

The Arts Advising office assists UBC Faculty of Arts students throughout their degree: from helping them understand their degree requirements and responsibilities, to connecting them to appropriate support resources, to approving their application for graduation.

Additional economics-specific course advising is provided by the faculty of the Vancouver School of Economics to undergraduate arts students, by appointment only. Please come to the Vancouver School of Economics Main Office in Iona Building (6000 Iona Drive) to book an appointment, or telephone (604) 822-2876.

Bachelor of International Economics Academic Advising Office

The Office is open to all Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) students and is specifically catered to helping students navigate their degree requirements, finding their academic interests, and building an individual learning plan that will improve their undergraduate experience and career outcomes. The Advising team is led by Triny Shen. The Office also provides exclusive access to a team of peer advisors and peer tutors offering valuable advice and support related to a wide range of academic-related issues for BIE students. Meet the BIE Academic Advising team and check their office hours and contact information here.

*For questions regarding BA Majors, Honours, and Minor Economics as well as general economics courses, please contact the BA Program Assistant Tina Marandola at .