Our programs offer the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the economy and examine the social, cross-cultural and ethical dimensions of economic decision-making.

Our students learn from some of the world’s leading experts in a wide variety of fields, including industrial organization, labour, economic history, macro-economics, political economy, international trade and finance development, as well as resource, health and transitional economics.

The BIE is a specialized four-year, full-time degree program that admits approximately 100 students from around the world per year. BIE students undertake curriculum that combines economic theories and business skills with a focus on international trade, finance and development.

Majoring in Economics is by application only and students with third year standing are accepted based on a rankings system. Combined majors are available in Economics and Philosophy, Economics and Political Science, Economics and Mathematics, and Economics and Statistics.

The B.A. Honours degree is by application only for students entering third year and has a limited number of places. Admittance is based on postsecondary coursework and specific course requirements

Students in a Major Program other than Economics may complete a Minor Program in Economics if they have the appropriate credits.

The MA program is a 12-month program that admits an entering class of about 50 students each year. Our graduates have been successful in gaining admission to prestigious PhD programs worldwide and in obtaining positions at government agencies, central banks, nongovernmental organizations and in the private sector.

The PhD program has about 70 students in residence and admits an entering class of about 15 students each year. Students generally complete the program in four to six years. Graduates have taken up professorships at leading universities around the world, as well as positions with government agencies, central banks and in the private sector.