PhD Job Market Candidates

The Vancouver School of Economics is pleased to introduce the following job market candidates for your consideration.

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My fields of interest are Political Economy and Industrial Organization.

My research fields are Development, Political Economy and Behavioral Economics.

I am an applied micro-economist with broad research interests in Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, and International Trade.

My research interests lie within the fields of macroeconomics and labor economics, with a specific focus on the interplay between an individual’s decision to open a firm, firm dynamics and the aggregate economy.

I am an applied micro-economist working in the areas of environmental economics, industrial organization, and program evaluation. My main work is on the design and evaluation of environmental policy, with a focus on firms.

My primary research interests are in international trade and macroeconomics.

I am an applied econometrician with an interest in developing methodology for inference in models with many agents who interact simultaneously.

My primary research fields are International Trade and Innovation.

Former student on the job market:

Assistant Professor, Xiamen University

My main areas of research are International Trade and Labor Economics. In particular, I am particularly interested in the effects of international trade on labor market outcomes. I also study the productivity effect of international trade.