PhD Job Market Candidates

The Vancouver School of Economics is pleased to introduce the following job market candidates for your consideration.

Please view a candidate’s full profile by clicking on their name. A summary list (revised Nov 13, 2018) of all candidates is available here .



I’m an applied micro-economist working in the areas of political economy, environmental economics, and public economics.

My field of interest is Econometric Theory. Currently, I am working on problems related to statistical inference with network dependent observations.

My research interests lie within the fields of Development, Political Economy, and Applied Econometrics, with a special focus on the political institutions of developing countries and conflict.

My fields of interest are Labour Economics, Family Economics, and Public Economics.

My fields of interest are in labor, macroeconomics and applied econometrics. My work explores the role of general equilibrium effects in the labor market and examines methodological issues related to identification.



Former student on the job market:

My primary fields of research are Behavioral and Experimental Economics with a particular emphasis on empirical methodology.