Vitor Farinha Luz

Assistant Professor
Vancouver School of Economics, Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

My main research interests are Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design and Public Finance.


  • “Surplus Extraction with Rich Type Spaces”, 2013, Journal of Economic Theory, 148, 2749–2762
  • “Characterization and uniqueness of equilibrium in competitive insurance.” Theoretical Economics 12.3 (2017): 1349-1391.
  • “The Private Memory of Aggregate Uncertainty” (with Carlos da Costa), Review of Economic Dynamics, in press.
  • “Robust Mechanisms: the Curvature Case” (with Humberto Moreira, Vinicius Carrasco and Paulo Monteiro), accepted by Economic Theory
  • “Robust Selling Mechanisms” (with Humberto Moreira, Vinicius Carrasco and Paulo Monteiro) Conidtionally accepted by the Journal of Economic Theory

Please visit my personal website for research information.

Winter 2019

ECON421 Introduction to Game Theory and Applications. Sections

Principles of rational behaviour in strategic situations and various notions of equilibrium useful in predicting outcomes. Applications from economics, business, politics, law and biology.

Winter 2019

ECON500 Microeconomics Sections

Winter 2019

ECON514 Information and Incentives Sections