Patrick Baylis

Assistant Professor

My work focuses on the economic impacts of climate change and electricity consumption. I received my PhD from the University of California-Berkeley in 2016.


The existing empirical literature on the impacts of climate change on the electricity sector has focused on changing electricity consumption patterns. In this paper, we show that incorporating impacts on the frequency and intensity of peak load consumption during hot days implies sizable required investments in peak generating capacity (or major advances in storage technology or the structure of electricity prices), which results in substantially larger impacts than those from just changes in overall consumption.
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Winter 2020

ECON371 Economics of the Environment Sections

Economic analysis applied to various environmental issues, including sustainable development, quality of life, and environmental impacts of specific industrial and consumption activities. The design and implementation of government policies. Global environmental effects of human economic activity.

Winter 2020

ECON494 Seminar in Applied International Economics Sections

Focus on a particular aspect of applied international economics. Independent empirical research project required. Registration restricted to students in the Bachelor of International Economics Program.

Winter 2020

ECON573 Environmental Economics Sections