Michael Devereux

Royal Society of Canada, Fellow
NBER, Research Associate
CEPR, Research Associate
Royal Bank, Chair

I have been at UBC since 1992, and currently I am a Professor in the Vancouver School of Economics. I obtained my PhD from Queen’s University. My main area of interest is in International Macroeconomics and International Finance.

Currently, my research activity is in the area of exchange rate determination, the link between exchange rates and prices, and international aspects of monetary and fiscal policy. Recently, I have also worked on international financial linkages and their role in the global financial crisis.

Most international economists do a lot of traveling, and I am no exception. I have ongoing research projects with quite a few co-authors in different parts of the world. I have been a visitor at many universities in North America, Europe and Asia. I have also had many connections with central banks and international organizations, particularly the Bank of Canada, the Bank for International Settlements (Hong Kong), and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

To learn about my research, please visit my website here.

Winter 2022

ECON456 International Macroeconomics and Finance Sections

Balance of payments; market for foreign exchange; mechanism for adjusting the balance of payments; internal vs. external stability; current problems and issues. Credit will be granted for only one of ECON 456, COEC 377, or COMM 377.

Winter 2022

ECON556 International Finance Sections