Marina Adshade


Marina Adshade has spent the last ten years teaching economics and engaging in original economic research. In 2008, she launched an undergraduate course titled Economics of Sex and Love, which invited students to approach questions of sex and love through an economist’s lens. The class was an immediate hit with students and, by the time the first term started, had generated international media attention.

The class led to a blog – Dollars and Sex – on the online knowledge forum Big Think (named the number one news and information website by Time Magazine in 2011) and almost immediately became one of the best-read series on that site, attracting over three quarters of a million unique visitors. As of April 2013, Dollars and Sex has appeared at Psychology Today.

Dr. Adshade’s first book, Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love, was published in the Spring of 2013.

Dr. Adshade is a regular columnist with Canadian Business Magazine and has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Mail (UK), the Sunday Times (UK) and the Globe and Mail. She has made numerous TV appearances on CTV and CBC, interviews on CBC Radio and National Public Radio (US), online panel discussions, international and domestic print media and podcasts in Canada and the US.


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Winter 2019

ECON351 Women in the Economy Sections

Economic analysis of markets and policies particularly affecting women. Selected topics drawn from economic discrimination; educational, occupational, and work choices; pay and employment equity; allocation of work time and consumption within the household and in the market; economics of marriage and fertility; poverty; taxation; income security and pension policies; and historical perspectives.

Winter 2019

ECON337 Economic History of the United States Sections

The growth of the United States from the Colonial Era to the present: British colonialism, development of slave-based agriculture, the western expansion, the 'American system' of manufacturing, cyclical instability and depression, and the distribution of income.

Winter 2019

ECON490 Seminar in Applied Economics Sections

Selected problems and issues in the theory and practice of Economics. Each section will focus on a different field. Restricted to Economics Majors, and Combined Majors in Economics their final academic session.