Jamie McCasland

Assistant Professor

Jamie McCasland is an Assistant Professor in the Vancouver School of Economics. Prior to arriving at UBC, she completed a PhD in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

She has experience with field experiments in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Ghana. Her current research studies small firm hiring, job training, and network-based technology adoption in low-income countries.

Winter 2022

ECON441 The Process of Economic Development Sections

Industrialization of an agrarian economy; how the West grew rich; history of Japanese development; technical progress and growth; evolution of the patterns of income distribution; role of international trade in development; environment and development.

Winter 2022

ECON442 Issues in Economic Development Sections

Divergence in the world economy, poverty, consequences of initial inequality, institutions, the impact of history, recent developmental experience--some case studies, labour and credit markets, the trickle down process.