Claudio Ferraz

BREAD, Fellow
JPAL, Affiliate and Scientific Director for Latin America
IGC, Affiliate
NBER, Research Associate

My research focuses on Political Economy and Development Economics. In particular, I work on issues related to governance and accountability in developing countries, how politics affect public service delivery, the effects of electoral rules on political selection, and the role of the state in high crime and violence environments.

Do Government Audits Reduce Corruption? Estimating the Impacts of Exposing Corrupt Politicians (with Eric Avis & Frederico Finan). Journal of Political Economy, October 2018.

Human Capital Persistence and Development, with Rudi Rocha and Rodrigo Soares. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, October 2017, 9(4): 105-136.

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Exposing Corrupt Politicians: The Effect of Brazil’s Publicly Released Audits on Electoral Outcomes, with Frederico Finan. Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2008, Vol. 123, No. 2: 703-745.