Since 1990, UBC has specialized in environmental and natural resource economics. Researchers in the field study how the economy and the environment interact across an array of topics, including trade, energy, transportation, food security, resource extraction, and environmental rule-making.

VSE graduate students have the opportunity to study with VSE faculty and with other environmental and resource economists across campus as part of the VSE’s collaboration with the Centre for Food, Resource and Environmental Economics (CFREE).


Winter 2020

ECON371 Economics of the Environment Sections

Economic analysis applied to various environmental issues, including sustainable development, quality of life, and environmental impacts of specific industrial and consumption activities. The design and implementation of government policies. Global environmental effects of human economic activity.

Winter 2020

ECON374 Land Economics Sections

Economic analysis applied to problems of land use. Rent theory. Land valuation. Land conservation. Techniques for assessing economic efficiency of land use. Effects of institutions and public policies on land use.

Instructor(s): NOACK, FREDERIK

Winter 2020

ECON472 Economics of Renewable Resources Sections

Application of economic analysis to the management of renewable resources. Special attention is given to criteria for the optimal use of depleting resources such as forests and water. Other topics include public policy with regard to environmental quality, conservation, and outdoor recreation.

Instructor(s): Copeland, Brian R

Winter 2020

ECON573 Environmental Economics Sections

Instructor(s): Baylis, Patrick