PhD Job Market Candidates

The Vancouver School of Economics is pleased to announce the following job market candidates for your consideration.

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Job Market Candidates

My research fields are economic theory, behavioral economics, and experimental economics. My most recent work is on present biased temporal preferences.

My research areas are in empirical industrial organization where I focus on firm and consumer decision-making. I am particularly interested in emerging markets, such as crowdfunding, and mature markets where strategic interactions are dynamic and multifaceted.

My research interests are information economics, and search and matching.

My research fields are in Applied Microeconomics, including Labor and Health Economics, Economics of Education and Public Finance.

My research interests are in labor economics and macroeconomics. I am particularly interested in households’ insurance mechanisms to adverse idiosyncratic shocks, and how these insurance mechanisms interact with intrahousehold bargaining.

My research fields are Macroeconomics and Finance, with a particular interest in credit cycles and financial bubbles.