The Canadian Inequality Story

Thank you to everyone who attended this event. A video of the proceedings is now available for free viewing online. To read an insightful synopsis of the event from a student’s perspective, please click here.

Income inequality is not a new phenomenon to modern societies globally. So what has provoked the strongly negative reaction recently to top-earners – the sentiment behind the Occupy Wall Street protest movement? How did things get so acrimonious? Where does Canada fit in this debate? How do we measure inequality in Canada, and who are our 1%-ers?
There is a fight for the framing of what is going on with inequality in Canada: a long-term frame emphasizing the overall increase and the lack of progress in undoing the increase; versus a short-term flatness that makes some conclude there is no problem. Not sure what the answer is? Join the discussion!

Vancouver School of Economics is very pleased to host a panel discussion with Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and VSE Professors Thomas Lemieux and David Green, two of Canada’s top labour economists. With an introduction by VSE Prof. Craig Riddell; and moderated by VSE Prof. Nicole FortinAdmission is free; seating is limited – please arrive early to secure a seat.

Panelist Bios

  • Nobel Laureate and Columbia University economist Joseph Stiglitz is a leading scholar on the causes of inequality and a strong advocate for political and economic reform to address its consequences. He is a former senior vice president and chief economist of the World Bank and author of several books, including “The Great Divide: Unequal Societies and What We Can Do About Them” (2015).
  • Professor and VSE Director Thomas Lemieux is the 2014 winner of the SSHRC Insight Award. His research laid the foundation for a school of thought explaining trends in wages and inequality, reframing policy development and economic thought, while providing new insight into the causes and consequences of the substantial rise in earnings inequality over recent decades. He is a co-contributor to (along with Nicole Fortin and others) the book “Income Inequality: The Canadian Story” (2015).
  • VSE Professor David Green is an International Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London. His research has been published in numerous journals and publications, and his recent work on minimum wage rates in Canada has been referenced for the “15 in 15” lobby campaign to have minimum wage rates in Canada changed. He is a co-editor of and co-contributor to (along with Craig Riddell and others) the book “Income Inequality: The Canadian Story” (2015).

LiuLogoProfessor Stiglitz is the inaugural Lind Initiative Visitor to UBC. The Lind Initiative in US Studies seeks to inspire students to become thought leaders who enhance mutual understanding in Canada-US relations. To learn more: