Improving Student Engagement in Technology-Enhanced Classrooms: What Works, What Matters and Why

University teaching straddles the dilemma of what to teach and how to teach while addressing two key questions: What matters the most in the discipline? How to keep the students engaged optimally for their development? If you have worked on this spectrum of issues or are currently grappling with them in your teaching, this session is for you!

Facilitators: Nisha Malhotra, Elizabeth Bowker, Lisa McDonnell

In the first half of this session, the facilitators will share three stories from their respective disciplinary areas:

  • Economics: Self-directed learning through web-based video tutorials
  • Business Communication: Blended learning/flipped classroom
  • Zoology: Active learning through worksheets

Their strategies demonstrate a range of possibilities in designing active learning experiences to optimize student engagement and to increase our students’ ability for analysis and application in their field of study. In the second half of this session, they will lead a structured, interactive discussion to address the questions from the audience.


Nisha Malhotra, Instructor, Vancouver School of Economics

Nisha teaches a number of undergraduate courses at UBC including Introductory Microeconomics, International Trade, Population, Gender and Global Health. She is a strong advocate of using new technologies and social media in Higher education. She also manages a YouTube education channel that focuses on economics and serves as a resource for students at UBC and beyond.

Elizabeth Bowker, Lecturer, Law and Business Communications Division

Elizabeth teaches business writing and business communication in the undergraduate commerce program at the Sauder School of Business.

Lisa McDonnell, Science Teaching and Learning Fellow, Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative

Lisa is working with the genetics team on Biology 234 “Fundamentals of Genetics”.