Why Economics?


If you are bright, eager for a challenge, and interested in laying the academic foundation for a long and successful career, then economics may be the subject for you.

Economics is a social science and both interesting and useful on its own and in combination with a diversity of other subjects. The Vancouver School of Economics (VSE), emphasizes promoting the intellectual growth and development of the individual student. Our alumni typically go on to distinguished careers in business, government, and academia. Our award-winning Faculty actively conduct research in diverse fields of interest, and consistently rank first in Canada for research output.

At the VSE you will…

  • Develop research, analytical and creative thinking skills
  • Learn to answer to complex local, national and international economic problems
  • Develop leadership skills and work collaboratively
  • Communicate complex economic issues effectively both orally and in writing
  • Know how to choose and apply appropriate quantitative methods to a range of economic issues
  • Develop a deep understanding of the economy
  • Appreciate the social, cross-cultural and ethical dimensions of economic decision-making

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