BIE Academic Advising

Virtual BIE Academic Advising Services

Our office is open but all advising services are moved to online methods, we will be available via email, Skype, Zoom and other remote measures. Please email us and we will respond to your request via email and set up online appointment if necessary.

BIE Peer Tutors and Advisors are also online. They are available via email and online during regular office hours via virtual platforms such as Zoom. Links to their Zoom meetings are available on the exclusive BIE Facebook page and through email.

You can access Arts Advising through their self-serve online advising services or virtual advising services listed on their webpage. Visit the UBC Arts and COVID-19 page for detailed and up-to-date information to support your educational progression.

For CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) AND UBC’S RESPONSE: Please refer to Information and FAQs available on for UBC’s official policies and updates.


BIE Academic Advisor

Triny Shen

As the BIE Academic Advisor, I work together with newly-admitted and current students to explore university-wide learning opportunities and build their individual learning plans, and prospective students to determine if BIE is the right program for them. You can learn more about me here as well as some application tips.

Contact me by email at


BIE Academic Assistant

Sarah Gregory

As the BIE Academic Assistant, I am here to answer your general questions about the BIE program and get you connected with resources to help you succeed. If you have questions about admission, classes, timetables, or resources available to BIE students, send an email and I’ll help you get the information you need.

For general BIE related inquiries, email


BIE Peer Academic Advisors

The BIE Peer Academic Advisors are a team of senior BIE students who can help their peers better understand course requirements as well as walk them through the course selection process. More than that, they can impart their knowledge of available UBC resources, co-op and exchange opportunities, and general tips to succeed and have a great undergraduate experience!

Please see the office hours below for term 2.

Note: All times listed are in Pacific (Vancouver) time

For general Peer Advisor inquiries, contact us at: 

Office Hours (Online):

Justin Kim

Office Hours:

Monday 8-9am

Tuesday 9:30-10:30am

Wednesday 8-9am

Thursday 8-9am

Friday 8-9am

Book a meeting email:


Olivia Klaassen

Office Hours:

Monday 7-9pm

Tuesday 7-9pm

Wednesday from 12-1 pm

Book a meeting email:


BIE Peer Academic Tutors

The BIE Peer Academic Tutors are available to help BIE peers with their core courses ranging from Mathematics to Economics to Commerce! During office hours, students can have individual drop-ins to review theory and practice questions. The Tutors will also schedule group review sessions for specific subjects to prepare students for midterms and final exams.

Please see the office hours below for term 2.

Note: All times listed are in Pacific (Vancouver) time

For general Peer Tutor related inquiries, contact us at:

Office Hours (Online):

Harry Ahn

Office Hours:

Monday 11:30am – 12:30pm

Tuesday 11:30am – 12:30pm

Wednesday 11:30am – 12:30pm

Thursday 11:30am – 12:30pm

Friday 11:30am – 12:30pm

Book a meeting email:


Shritanjay Bhatia

Office Hours:

Monday 5pm – 8pm
Wednesday 5pm – 7pm

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