Application Information

  • Admission to the Majors, Combined Majors or Honours Program in Economics is by application only.
  • Applications must be accompanied by official transcripts from all other post-secondary institutions attended. Students must have their applications submitted to the Vancouver School of Economics by May 20, 2020.
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Majors Program Admission Prerequisites

Third year standing with 54 credits including:

  • 6 credits of Principles of Economics (equivalent to UBC Econ 101 and 102)
  • 3 credits that satisfy the Writing component of the Faculty of Arts Writing and Research Requirement (ASTU 150, WRDS 150, CAP, Arts One, English 100 or an approved equivalent)
  • 6 credits of University-level Calculus (equivalent to UBC Math 104 and 105)
  • 6 credits of 2nd or 3rd year level courses in Economics (courses in this category are not acceptable unless they require Principles of Economics as a prerequisite)

Selection for admission is based on the average mark in all credits of post secondary coursework attempted. However the 12 lowest credits may be dropped from this calculation providing they are for courses other than those pertaining to the program requirements listed above, and provided that the student is evaluated on a minimum of 48 credits.

Acceptance into the program is based on the number of seats available and not on a GPA cutoff. Students are ranked in order of their average mark and the top 250 or so are then accepted.

Courses required under the above cannot be taken on a Credit/D/Fail basis.

Provisional Admission

An application will be accepted, under certain conditions, from a student who has not met all requirements, providing that the student indicates on their application form that there is a firm plan to complete these missing requirements by August 31st. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the Vancouver School of Economics, in writing and by the deadline, that the missing requirements have been completed — the School will not seek this information independently. If otherwise eligible, such students will be admitted provisionally.

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