Student Profile K. Kedia

UBC BIE Student Karan Kedia

UBC BIE Student
Karan Kedia

Name:             Karan Kedia

From:              Mumbai, India

Program:        Bachelor of International Economics (BIE)

Why are you interested in studying international economics?

The BIE program attracted me because of the well-rounded education that it promises, the courses offered make sure that along with an ideological base I will acquire some practical skills that can be applied in the real world. The option of doing a minor will further help me diversify my education, and give me a deeper understanding of the world.  Also this being a new program makes it all the more exciting to be a part of and experience.

What are your career goals, and why do you believe studying international economics will help you achieve these goals?

In the long term I want to eventually join an inter-governmental organisation such as the UN or the IMF, or maybe even an international NGO, to be in a position where I will be able to make a difference.  I realise I need a strong educational base for this, which I believe a degree in economics will give me. The ‘international’ part of this program comes in the research that we have already been introduced to at this early stage, exposing me to work done by world-renowned economists from the Vancouver School of Economics. Engaging with such scholars, I believe will help me develop a global outlook and for the future, the ability to work in this field as a scholar myself.

What do you do for fun at UBC and in Vancouver? Have you joined any UBC student clubs or gone to events on campus yet?

I recently moved to Vancouver, so I am still exploring the city. Some of my favourite activities up until now have been visiting the Vancouver Aquarium and exploring exotic food markets and vintage stores in Kitsilano. On campus I am part of the UBC Dance Club, which is very fun and a great stress buster. There are quite a few events happening on campus at all times, especially in the first few weeks, where I had a great time with my friends. My first Halloween was especially an exciting time!

Care to share a little-known but interesting fact about yourself?

I almost went to an art school instead of UBC; fine art has been a passion of mine since a long time but I decided very recently to pursue economics instead.