Student Profile C. Iglesias

UBC BIE Student Christina Blanco Iglesias

UBC BIE Student Cristina Blanco Iglesias

Name:          Cristina Blanco Iglesias

From:           Spain; in recent years India

Program:     Bachelor of International Economics (BIE)

Why are you interested in studying international economics?

I am really interested in international development and the causes and consequences of the current world’s unequal distribution of economic and natural resources. There is no one economic system or recipe that works for every country. Indeed, a model might work in a country or not depending on many factors such as its geographical and cultural characteristics. The reason why I am studying international economics is because I want to learn more about all the possible economic models and their effects on the differing world economies.

What are your career goals, and why do you believe studying international economics will help you achieve these goals?

I think I would like to focus on development studies. Working towards reducing the economic disparities between the southern and the northern hemispheres as well as investigating the effectiveness of the different possible development programs and government policies is how I sometimes picture myself in the future.

What do you do for fun at UBC and in Vancouver? Have you joined any UBC student clubs or gone to events on campus yet?

I love going swimming in the aquatic center and going for classical music concerts at the Chan Centre. As I really enjoy eating Asian food, going down to Vancouver to try out some of its many Asian restaurants is another of my favorite activities here! At UBC I am participating in the language tandem program and I am also part of the French Club.

Care to share a little-known but interesting fact about yourself?

I used to be a swimmer/triathlete competing on regional and national championships.