Individual Learning Plans

The individual learning plan is your personal guide to your educational experience, enabling you to develop a theme or area of focus for your studies.

For example, you may wish to take electives focusing on a particular geographical region or pursue a Minor in a non-economics discipline; the development of an individual learning plan will help you outline and take the necessary actions to achieve those goals.

Elective courses for the Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) may be taken from the Faculty of Arts or other faculties at UBC (with the exception of commerce courses). BIE students can contact the BIE Academic Advising Office during for assistance to start developing your individual learning plan. New UBC students may also find helpful information here.

Academic Track

This stream is aimed to allow students that would like to pursue graduate studies in economics to tailor their undergraduate curriculum in order to be more competitive in the graduate school application process.

Requirement 1:

Students in the regular track are required to take three courses among Business Fundamentals. In the Academic Track this requirement is substituted for three courses chosen from:

  • ECON 306 (Honours Microeconomics)
  • ECON 307 (Honours Macroeconomics)
  • ECON 425 (Introduction to Econometrics)

If ECON 425 is not offered in any given year, the program director shall designate an equivalent course to satisfy the Academic Track requirement.

Requirement 2:

Students in the BIE Academic Track are required to complete two courses among MATH 200, MATH 220, and MATH 221 (the specific choice of courses shall be determined in consultation with the Program Director and the Academic Advisor).

Requirement 3 (same as in the regular track):

Students in the Academic Track are still required to take COEC 371 and three courses from the Advanced Economics requirement.

Students that have completed the second year of the BIE program are eligible to apply to the BIE Academic Track.

Admission to the Academic Track is by application only, and subject to minimum academic performance standards and capacity constraints. It is expected that Academic Track enrollees will be among the top students in their cohort. It is also expected that enrollment in the Academic Track will be limited to a maximum of five students per cohort.

If you do not complete the Academic Track requirements after having been admitted, you will need to complete the regular BIE program requirements in order to graduate.

There will be no specific Academic Track designation on your transcript. Obviously, any courses you take will be reflected.

No. If you do not enroll in the Academic Track, you may still apply to graduate programs, just as BIE students have done until now. You will continue to receive the full support of the program’s faculty and staff towards this end.

BIE Leave Policy

UBC students in good academic standing may normally request up to one year of leave. While this is automatically granted in most programs, this is not the case in the BIE, for reasons related to classroom and program capacity. The program has the ability to place conditions on leaves, or to refuse them altogether. You should review UBC’s policy on academic leave here. Additional information on Voluntary Academic Leave for Arts students can be found here.

The constraint that the BIE faces is the capacity of our classrooms and the size of our courses. One major reason you enrolled in this program is its limited class size and its cohort model. In particular, no section of ECON 494 will exceed 25 students and COEC sections will not exceed 50 students. The instructional quality you signed up for, as implemented through small group teaching and personal contact with your instructors is to be upheld.

UBC Policy is that no student in a graduating year may be excluded from a course necessary to meet degree program requirements because of lack of space (this rule does not apply to elective courses or preferred sections of courses). What this means is that students going on leave cannot be guaranteed space in required program courses upon their return unless it is their graduating year. If space is available in required courses, we will allow students returning from leave to register in them. However, we will not prioritize leave returnees over students in their own entrance cohort. If there is no space for you upon returning from leave, you will have to wait until the following year to take that course. This may materially impact your graduation timeline.

We cannot, and do not want to, be arbiters of anybody’s personal situation. We will therefore not be setting criteria for what constitutes a justifiable or unjustifiable leave. We will grant all requests for academic leave, and will require students to sign a written statement to the effect that

1) they understand that there may not be space for them in required courses upon their return;

2) that this may have a negative impact on their graduation timeline.

If there is not enough space to accommodate all leave returnees, available seats will be assigned by registration priority, with ties broken by random draw.

Students requesting leave must contact BIE Academic Advising to request and sign the Statement of Understanding.


Please contact BIE Academic Advising at