Grant Information

The purpose of the CIDER Small Grants in Innovative Data is to:

  • Encourage research, projects and initiatives pushing forward the use of innovative data. Including but is not limited to ‘big data’ (administrative data sets, crowd-sourced data, etc.), experimental data (lab or RCT field experiment), or innovative use of survey data
  • Act as ‘bridge’ funding for proposals to be prepared for SSHRC funding in the future; Please note on the cover page if your project is in this situation
  • Help and support pilot studies and new research to generate data for large scale funding application
  • Facilitate the development of new curriculum and course in the field of machine learning and innovative data

  • All regular research faculty from the Vancouver School of Economics and the Sauder School of Business (a partner in the CERC) are eligible to apply, either individually or in teams
  • Graduate student projects (data-based research project) are also eligible, and they are highly encouraged to apply, but the principal applicant should be the faculty research supervisor for the accounting & authorization process

CIDER provides grant awards of up to $25,000 for a one-year research project. However, requests for larger amounts may be considered on a case-by-case basis. All the awards are subject to the availability of funds. Funds can be used to cover the following costs:

  • Research assistants
  • Stipends
  • Data Acquisition; Subscription fees
  • Software
  • Project-related travel
  • Required attendance & presentation of research results at a conference
  • Equipment, if integral to the research (please indicate with justification in the proposal)

Regular research expenses under this award should follow UBC and tri-council rules.

Complete Applications should only be emailed to:

Applications must include:

  1. Cover page (see format below)
  2. Maximum two-page project description, which must include headings:
    • Brief description of the project
    • Justification of project as 'innovative data'
    • Description of the marginal impact of the funds
    • Budget

Proposal Review Panel

A panel of peers from the VSE and Sauder will evaluate the project proposals.

StagesDate or indicative period
Publication of the callNovember 22
Deadline for submitting applicationsWednesday, Nov. 24, 5 p.m. PST *
Evaluation periodDecember 2022
Notification of resultsJanuary 2023
Duration of grantJanuary - December 2023 **
Annual report submissionMarch 2024
Duration of the action / Period of eligibility12 months

* Please note the short timeline to submit the proposal.

**Due to the unusual number of deadline extensions outstanding due to COVID, we will only consider extensions in exceedingly rare circumstances.


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