Meeting Rooms

VSE* Meeting Room Booking Policy

  1. Rooms are bookable a maximum of 7 days in advance
  2. Two hour maximum per day at a maximum of 6 hours per week
  3. If a booked room is not occupied within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, other VSE members* can use the room
  4. If a room is not being used, VSE members* can use the room until a scheduled booking occurs (for a maximum of 2 hour duration)
  5. All meeting rooms are for Academic Use Only
  6. No food or drinks permitted
  7. To book a meeting room, please email

*Note: VSE members include all VSE students, faculty and staff

Room Index

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Room 335-1

Room 335

Room 143-1

Room 143

Room 038-2

Room 038

room 333-1

Room 333

Room 342-1

Room 342

Room 434