Jonathan Graves


I teach intermediate and senior undergraduate courses here at the VSE, focusing on how we can use economic intuition, modelling, and data analysis to understand the world around us. My pedagogical research includes developing undergraduate researchers, experiential learning, community-engaged learning, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. My economic research areas include applied microeconomics, and industrial organization.

See details of my ongoing research on my personal website.

Winter 2019

ECON221 Introduction to Strategic Thinking Sections

An introduction to how people interact in strategic situations drawn from political science, history, psychology, law, biology, military history, economics, business, and anthropology. The focus will be on developing intuition. May not be taken for credit by students with fourth-year standing. Credit will be granted for only one of ECON 221 or ISCI 344.

Winter 2019

ECON226 Making Sense of Economic Data Sections

Formulation of a testable hypothesis, identification of relevant data, use of appropriate statistical tools. May not be taken for credit by students with fourth-year standing in ECON or COMM. Not available for credit to students already having credit for either of ECON 325 or ECON 326 (or equivalent).

Winter 2019

ECON398 Introduction to Applied Economics Sections

Theory and practice of the analytical application of economics. Causality, empirical analysis, and the application of theoretical models through engagement in applied work.

Winter 2019

ECON490 Seminar in Applied Economics Sections

Selected problems and issues in the theory and practice of Economics. Each section will focus on a different field. Restricted to Economics Majors, and Combined Majors in Economics their final academic session.

Winter 2019

ECON492F Directed Reading - DIRECTED READING Sections