David González Agudo

Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow

David González Agudo is a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the Vancouver School of Economics. He holds a PhD in economic history from the Complutense University of Madrid. David has been working as a Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow at the VSE since January 2016.

David’s main area of research is economic history, with a focus on standards of living in Early Modern Spain.

Articles in peer reviewed journals

“Prices in Toledo (Spain), sixteenth and seventeenth centuries”, Social Science History (accepted).

“Housing and the Cost of Living in Early Modern Toledo” (with Mauricio Drelichman), Explorations in Economic History, 54 (1): 27-47. October 2014.

“Agrarian Contracts and Land Rents in Toledo, 1521-1650”, Historia Agraria (accepted).

“Seizable Property in a «Non-Latifundia» district during the Spanish Second Republic: The Case of Illescas (Toledo)”, Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Serie V Historia Contemporánea, 29. 2017.

Working papers

“Prices and Wages in Toledo (Spain), 1521-1650”, with Mauricio Drelichman

“Aproximación a la renta de la tierra y su evolución en Castilla la Nueva durante el Quinientos: el cabildo catedralicio de Sigüenza”.

Ph.D. Thesis

Population, prices and land rents in Toledo, 16th and 17th centuries.

Winter 2019
No ECON course(s) were found for W2019 term.Winter 2019

ECON334 Economic History of Modern Europe Sections

Background, causes and effects of economic change in Europe from the 18th century to recent times. Evolution of social and economic institutions; analysis of growth, structural change, the distribution of income, and the spread of industrialization.

Winter 2019

ECON337 Economic History of the United States Sections

The growth of the United States from the Colonial Era to the present: British colonialism, development of slave-based agriculture, the western expansion, the 'American system' of manufacturing, cyclical instability and depression, and the distribution of income.