Cherie Metcalf

Associate Professor (Visiting)

I am an Associate Professor at Queen’s University visiting the VSE for 2020-2021 (virtually in Fall 2020). My main research focus is law and economics. I have a particular interest in the way that law and legal institutions may influence individual preferences & social norms, and the interaction between economic incentives and social drivers of behaviour.

Some current projects include experimental tests of the deterrence and perceived fairness effects of alternate tort rules, experimental survey-based work on links between political polarization and use of government vs. market institutions to convey climate risks and policies, and empirical investigation of fines vs. social norms for regulatory enforcement. I also work on the legal recognition of Indigenous peoples’ rights and environmental and resource governance.

I completed my PhD in Economics at UBC. I then completed my LLB at Queen’s, LLM at Yale and clerked at the Federal Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada before joining the Faculty of Law at Queen’s.