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The Vancouver School of Economics is a global centre for research and hands-on learning about pressing economic issues. Our faculty have influenced public policies on issues such as taxes and minimum wage rates through ground-breaking research and participation in debate. Faculty members advise Statistics Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and the Bank of Canada, among numerous other national and international organizations.

The School is one of the world’s best: in a recent ranking based on research publications, the School ranked in the top 20 worldwide, and number one in Canada. We are proud of our established tradition of research excellence, high quality graduate and undergraduate education, and community engagement – especially in the area of economic policy. Our record of excellence is based upon research, teaching and service to the community since 1915. Read more about the School’s history by clicking here.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics Programs: HonoursMajor/Combined MajorMinor, and Second Degree (third year entry into programs)

Bachelor of International Economics Program (direct entry, 4-year, cohort-based degree).

Master of Arts in Economics Program (12-month program)

Doctoral Program

Research Centres & Institutes


Our faculty members specialise in a wide range of topics, including development economics, labour economics, international trade and finance, behavioural economics, economic history, gender and environmental economics, applied econometrics, and the emerging field of experimental economics.

Our faculty includes ten researchers affiliated with the National Bureau of Economic Research, nine researchers affiliated with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, two research fellows of the Bank of Canada, two elected fellows of the Econometric Society, four fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, four researchers associated with the Theoretical Research in Development Economics associations, three research associates for the Institute for the Study of Labour, two research fellows of the Institute for Research on Public Policy, and one distinguished fellow of both Canadian and American Economics Associations.

Additionally, we have three professors associated with the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development and four with the Theoretical Research in Development Economics organization, and three professors associated with the Institute for the Study of Labour.


Since 2002, we have expanded our number of full-time equivalent undergraduate student spaces by 50%, becoming one of the most popular programs at UBC. Admittance to all of our programs is highly competitive. For instance, for the September 2013 intake for the 85 spaces in the BIE program over 2,100 applications were received; and over 480 applications were submitted for the 284 third-year spaces available in the Majors program.

  • Undergraduate BA programs – over 1,000 third and fourth year students on average in honours, major/combined majors, minors, and dual degrees programs. Additionally, several hundred students take undergraduate BA courses in economics each term as general electives.
  • Undergraduate BIE program – accepts approximately 100 students per year in a cohort-structored, intensive four-year program.
  • Graduate MA program – 48 students in the 2015/16 academic year.
  • Graduate PhD program – 63 students in the 2015/16 academic year; admits an entering class of about 15 students annually.

Student Awards

The list of awards won by UBC Bachelor of Arts in Economics students is numerous, including:

  • 7 Governor General Silver Medals in Arts since 2001
  • 1 Governor General Silver Medal in APSC in 2012 (dual degree student)
  • 7 Wesbrook Scholars since 2003
  • 3 Rhodes Scholarships (Logan Graham 2015, Matthew Chan 2006, and Dominic Barton 1984)
  • 3 International Leader of Tomorrow Awards since 2010
  • 1 Arts Co-Op Student of Year Award in 2011/2012
  • 1 Dean of Arts Outstanding Student Leadership Award (2016)
  • 1 UBC Edward J.C. Hossie Student Leadership Award (2016)

The Vancouver School of Economics gratefully thanks the donors whom help make student awards possible. Interested in supporting our economics students? Please click here to donate.


Over 8,000 alumni from 54 countries.