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Page updated on March 14, 2022


CIDER is hiring five full-time positions for pre-doctoral fellow/research assistants. For complete job details, click below. 

Faculty Members: Reka Juhasz, Heather Sarsons, Victor Couture, Gorkem Bostanci, Giovanni Gallipoli, Munir Squires, Jamie McCasland, Samuel Norris, Sam Hwang, Patrick Baylis, Matt Lowe

No. of Positions: 5

We are looking for highly skilled and motivated individuals to work as full-time research assistants to work with various faculty members affiliated with CIDER, located in UBC's Vancouver School of Economics. At CIDER's discretion, this one-year position can be extended to two years. The appointment would begin in summer 2022, start date negotiable. The job will entail close collaboration with faculty at all stages of the research process on several new and ongoing empirical projects in the fields of labour, development, economic history, political economy, behavioural economics, public economics, urban economics, macroeconomics, the economics of crime, and applied microeconomics.

These positions offer the opportunity to gain exposure to and training in a broad set of economic research topics and approaches, including data-intensive methods that will help pursue a PhD in economics, finance, and related fields. The chosen candidates will also gain valuable experience analyzing large, complex data sets and working with software like Stata, R, GIS, Matlab, Julia, and Python.

The ideal candidate should: (i) have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree or a Master's degree in Economics or a related field; (ii) have a solid quantitative background; (iii) have programming experience; (iv) be able to work both independently and in team settings; and (v) be planning to pursue a PhD in Economics or a related field. We may ask for references at a later stage of the application process. For candidates interested in working with Prof. Reka Juhasz, please provide two reference letters along with the application. Please specify your preference in terms of faculty/fields.

Compensation: $4,150CAD Monthly plus benefits

If interested, please prepare a:

  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Brief (one-page) cover letter describing your academic career, research interests, experience with the programming languages listed above, and future goals.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, only Canadians/permanent residents/candidates who can secure a valid work permit will be given priority

Please submit your application to


CIDER is looking to hire a Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Science. For complete job details, please visit:

Applications close April 30, 2022.