Volunteer With Us

We are looking for a wide range of volunteers that come from different backgrounds and bring their own unique set of skills and qualities to the team. We want to work with driven individuals who are interested in helping with the Centre’s growth, program development, peer mentorship, and more. With the large variety of projects to participate in, you will have the opportunity to play to your strengths, as well as expand your professional and personal skill sets.

Career Centre volunteers are expected to dedicate 6-8 hours of their time weekly to assist at the Centre. Due to the nature of the job being dependent on self-motivation, the hours are very flexible and we will likely be able to accommodate your schedule. You will be provided with training and mentorship though you will largely work on your own initiative with minimal supervision. This is a great opportunity  to gain work experience in a variety of areas.

Application Process

Interested volunteers will need to submit a resume and cover letter, telling us about your experience with any of the following skills, as well as what you think you can bring to the Career Centre:

  • Ability to conduct research
  • Innovative and creative problem solving
  • Effective oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work independently and within a team

To be considered for an interview, please send your application materials to vse.careers@ubc.ca, to the attention of the Volunteer Program Coordinator.

What might you be involved in?

Peer Mentorship

Starting this year, the Centre is offering a vast range of career assistance workshops dedicated to improving BIE student’s hiring potential. If you are someone who can work well with others, enjoys teaching and is a critical thinker, leading these workshops may be a good fit for you. We offer thorough training to prepare you for a leadership role within these sessions.

Project Development

Like the aforementioned workshops, volunteers can also be involved in creating projects they think are needed for the Career Centre. This can include career assistance workshops, events exclusive for BIE students and more. If you have ideas for projects you want to see the career centre provide exclusively for BIE students, you will have the opportunity to be involved in every step of the development process to watch your project idea come to life.