Host an Information Session

An information session is a great way for you to promote your company’s brand, explain your service offerings and demonstrate your corporate culture to potential candidates before their interviews. These sessions allow students to know your organization beyond the job description. They also give students an opportunity to demonstrate their personalities beyond resumes and cover letters. Although information sessions usually are the primary on-campus recruiting activity, we can also arrange for a stand-alone session unique to your organization in the form of an interview preparation, simulation, competition, industry-specific panel or presentation.


  • Increase campus presence and visibility
  • Collect resumes from potential candidates (note: you can also request to collect a resume book)
  • Develop student interest by providing a career path overview
  • Communicate the recruitment process
  • Reduce overall recruitment timeline by presenting topics such as corporate culture & benefits

Registration Timelines

Information sessions are generally held the semester prior to the start of a work term, although some industries will hold a session up to a year in advance.

To Register

With a large number of employer information sessions being conducted on UBC Campus during the fall and winter semesters, there is a strong demand for student attention. To register for an information session for the students in the Bachelor of International Economics program, please submit the registration form for our review. You can expect a response within two business days.


Questions related to holding an information session? Please contact the Career Centre Director, Nancy Clarke at