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Currently in my 3rd Year of the Bachelor of International Economics program at UBC, I am keenly interested to jump start a career in Finance and Investment Banking upon graduation.
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I am a reliable, confident, and outgoing team-player capable of building solid relationships, maintaining effective communications, and learning adaptively.

My career interests lie primarily in capital market research, trade relation economics and localized poverty reduction, with specific interests in the statistical market research and urban poverty.

Within economics and finance, my primary interests lie in macroeconomics, equity markets, and financial law, and potentially leading to careers in investment banking, consulting, or corporate law.

Having gained valuable experience in the private sector, I now look forward to seeking experience in a different field in order to broaden my perspective and learn about other possible careers.

Based on my past work experiences and volunteer experiences, I am interested in trying different types of work and activities, and I have confidence that I can achieve my goals successfully.

I am a 3rd year student interested in entry level positions in market research, finance, and accounting. I am an experienced tutor and have good organization and leadership skills.

My long-term goal is to work in Diplomacy and/or Policy Analysis. However, I’m also very interested in sustainability consulting, and passionate about environmentalism and humanitarian aid.

With my interests in motivating social interactions and contributing to growth and sustainability, I want to be able to conduct a wide array of consultancy and developments of international projects.

I aspired to get involved in the career of professional management of various securities and assets. My interest lies in securities investing.

In following my passion for environmental economics and international development, I want to work on projects and policy that use economics to solve various environmental problems around the world.

I am a motivated and determined individual who will do anything it takes to get tasks done efficiently and properly. As an aspiring business woman, I strive to excel in all things I pursue.

My ideal career is to work in investment banks and accounting firms, as I have particular interests in accountancy and finance. With a solid mathematics foundation, I achieved third-year math course level in my first year of study. It was very challenging, yet I overcame difficulties and excelled in my course. My long-term goal is to be an expertise in investment banking division and lead my team to achieve the best performance.

Enthusiastic problem solver and learner passionate about the intersections of economics, technology, policy, and trade. Looking for a challenge and a breakthrough experience.

I am interested helping businesses solve their problems by combining by skill set in User Experience Design and Economics to holistically approach a problem both analytically and creatively.

I am interested in business and consulting, policy reform and foreign policy. I would like to start my career in the private sector and subsequently, move to the public sector.

I am passionate about development, and hope to pursue a career in the non-profit field. I have a deep interest in just, environmentally sustainable economic growth.

I am passionate about leveraging the developments in the field of business technology and data science in order to help businesses story tell and solve their most complex problems.

Pursuing a degree in Bachelor of International Economics, I am highly interested in management consulting and have a natural drive towards financial analysis and problem solving.

I’m extremely focused on establishing a rewarding career in a corporate setting. The areas in which I’m most interested include finance, banking, consulting and corporate development.

I’m a 3rd year BIE student aspiring toward an international career in consulting, banking, market research, or careers where I can apply my knowledge and experience in economics!

As a BIE student, I have developed a keen interest in International trade and finance. Having travelled extensively, I would like my career to pursue these interests on a global scale.

An open-minded, adaptable and passionate 4th year International Economics student with skills in economics and finance analysis, looking for a position in business/finance/consulting sectors.

A second year International Economics undergraduate student at UBC with an interest in government economics, research, consulting and finance.

My love for economics came from a curious mind that is always wondering about the world. I am interested in a variety of industries, among which consulting and policy analysis are my favourite.

I am an avid learner and a flexible enthusiast who feel passionate about economics as well as finance. My valuable work experience at a financial institution in an emerging country has opened my eyes on various development process that countries undergo, and the viability of some of economic tools and political actions. I enjoy discovering reasons behind different agendas, and this curiosity is what I wish to retain throughout my career.