Career Tools


CareerJSM is a powerful new job search management software that will enhance and make your job search much more efficient through the following features:

1. Job Tracking- Pin jobs from multiple job boards, keep them organized, and track progress with each one. Once you begin pinning jobs, you will also receive messages from CareerJSM with suggestions of similar jobs you may be interested in applying for.
2. Accessible Job Postings and Initial Research – Once you have pinned a job, you will have access to the job posting even when it is no longer viewable from the original source. As well, you will receive a message containing research from CareerJSM for pinned listings that will help you with your cover letter writing preparation.
3. Automated Research for Interview Prep – Let CareerJSM know that you have an upcoming interview and receive a more in-depth automated research message, the following day, that will help you prepare for your interview.
4. Track Contacts and Build Your Networking Skills – Aside from being able to track and access your contact list from anywhere you can access CareerJSM online, there are editable example emails provided to help you reach out to your contacts that will assist you with taking the important steps of informational interviewing and networking. Remember that 80% to 90% of jobs are found through networking.

An onboarding document was sent to you via email with a subject line that read “CareerJSM: A Powerful Job Search Management Software”. If you are unable to locate this email and document, kindly send an email to
Include in the subject “CareerJSM Access Request”. In the body of the email include, your full name, year of study, student number and phone number.

Resume Target

As part of our partnership with Resume Target, a provider of career-related information and resume templates, the Career Centre offers BIE students access to UBC ECON ResumeTarget. Students can find access to 100+ Premium Industry-Specific Resume Templates and matching Cover Letters in more than 54 industries and four different career levels.


Have you ever been unsure how to answer employers’ questions about your advantages or weaknesses?

Do you want to know yourself better?

StrengthsFinder is a 30-minute online career assessment that helps people uncover their talent and learn more about their top strengths. The assessment result is made up of your Strengths Insight Report and a Personalized Action Guide. The Strengths Insight Report gives detailed analysis of your top five strengths while the Personalized Action Guide offers advice on how to better utilize your strengths for success.

Please contact the Career Centre Director, Nancy Clarke at, for direction on how to take the StrengthsFinder assessment, and to discuss analyzing your results.