Thorsten Rogall

Assistant Professor

My main research and teaching interests are in political economy of development with a special focus on conflict. I have extensively worked on understanding how the political Hutu elites orchestrated the Rwandan Genocide.

Please visit my personal website for research information.

Winter 2017

ECON234 Wealth and Poverty of Nations Sections

Historical approaches to long-run economic growth; international comparisons of income growth and inequality; colonialism; evolution of world capital markets; human migrations; rise of world trading empires; instability in the international economy. Credit will be granted for only one of ECON 234 or former ECON 334 (6). May not be taken for credit by students with fourth-year standing.

Winter 2017

ECON485 Political Economy Sections

State and politics in economics. How states emerge, how dictators stay in power. Why groups engage in costly conflict, how countries turn into democracies and what its benefits are.

Winter 2017

ECON544 Political Economy, Institutions, and Business Sections