Past Woodward Lectures

Complete List of Woodward Lectures

  • November 2015: Nobel Laureate Alvin Roth, Stanford University
    Repugnant Transactions Event Details
  • March 2015: Janet Currie, Princeton University
    Inequality in Health at Birth: Why is it falling in the USA?  Event Details
  • 2012: Michael Kremer, Harvard University
    Health and Development
  • April 2012: Alberto Alesina, Harvard University
    Fiscal Policy after the Great Recession
  • October 2009: Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University
    Global Wage Inequality and the International Flow of Migrants and Altruism, Favoritism, and Guilt in the Allocation of Family Resources: Sophie’s Choice in Mao’s Mass Send-Down Movement
  • September 2008: Susan Athey, Harvard University
    Market Design in Theory and Practice: Sponsored Search Auctions and Position Auctions with Consumer Search
  • March 2008: David Card, University of California, Berkeley
    How Immigration is shaping Major Cities and Does Medicare Save Lives?
  • September 2006: Daron Acemoglu, MIT
    Learning and Disagreement in an Uncertain World and Rethinking the Wealth of Nations
  • February 2005: Matthew Rabin, University of California, Berkeley
    The Economics of Immediate Gratification and A Model of Reference-Dependent Preferences
  • March 2004: Maurice Obstfeld, University of California, Berkeley
    Globalization in Historical Perspective and The Case for Open Market Operations in a Liquidity Trap
  • September 2003: Ariel Rubinstein, Tel Aviv University & Princeton University
    John Nash, A Beautiful Mind and Game Theory and Equilibrium in the Jungle
  • February 2002: Daniel McFadden, University of California, Berkeley
    Economic Choices and Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise? Tests for Direct Causal Paths
  • November 2001: Richard Freeman, Harvard University & LSE
    The Impact of the Internet on the Economy and Liking the Workplace You Have: The Incumbency Effect in Preferences Toward Unions
  • November 2000: Bengt Holmstrom, MIT
    Corporate Governance and Takeovers in the US: Making Sense of the 80s and 90s and Shortage and Waste of Liquidity
  • November 1999: George Akerlof, University of California, Berkeley
    Economics and Identity
  • March 1999: Peter Howitt, Ohio State University
    Innovation and Growth and The Emergence of Economic Organization
  • March 1997: Richard Blundell, University College, London
    Risk Sharing and Growth of Consumption and Reforming our Tax and Welfare System
  • March 1996: Jeffrey G. Williamson, Harvard Universit
    Globalization and the Convergence of Nations: What Does History Tell Us? and Dealing with the Challenge of Globalization: A Long View
  • February 1995: Robin Boadway, Queen’s University
    The Changing Face of Canadian Federalism: The Fiscal Dimension and Reforming Social Policy: Can the Federal Government Deliver?
  • September 1994: Ken Binmore, University College, London
    Playing Fair: Game Theory and the Social Contract and Squaring the Circle: Rational Cooperation in the Prisoners’ Dilemma
  • January 1994: Andrei Shleifer, Harvard University
    Privatizing Russia I and Privatizing Russia II
  • March 1993: David M. Newbery, University of Cambridge
    The Privatisation of the English Electricity Industry, The Transition in Eastern Europe, and UK Energy Policy Versus EC Environmental Policy
  • November 1991: Oliver S. Hart, MIT
    Recent Developments in the Theory of the Firm and The Modern Corporation: The Theory of its Financial Structure
  • February 1990: Paul Krugman, MIT
    Thinking About the Debt Problem and Third World Debt: Their Problem or Ours?
  • March 1989: Thomas Schelling, Harvard University
    Self-Command, A New Discipline and Strategic Arms Control: What Makes Sense?
  • January 1987: Paul Samuelson, MIT
    Deterministic Chaos
  • March 1986: Partha Dasgupta, University of Cambridge
    The Silent Food War
  • October 1985: Robert E. Hall, Stanford University
    Tax Reform: The Flat Tax and the Current Debate and Monetary Reform: Deregulation with Price Stability?
  • February 1985: A.J. Culyer, University of York
    The Withering of the Welfare State and Whither the Welfare State?
  • March 1983: Richard G. Lipsey, Queen’s University
    The Great Anti-Inflation War, 1975-?: Part 1 and The Great Anti-Inflation War, 1975-?: Part 2